Monday, January 26, 2009

Eye Had a Happy Birthday

I am typing this on my new pink laptop that MyPoolBoy got me for my birthday. I also am looking forward to enjoying the pink gator skinned flask that Thunderduck and his new woman got me. We called it the "babysitter's cup" when her little girl asked what it was! BWHAHAHAHAHA! I also laughed at Bi+chslap and the girls for once again buying me duplicates of the same birthday card. Felix provided us with the much necessary turtle cheesecake for after lunch today.

But we had a good howl at lunch after Bi+chslap handed me a scratch-off lottery ticket. Since I had given them all prank tickets for Christmas, I had to first ask if it was fake. The answer was no, so I intently began to scratch my way to my white trash retirement fund. Alas, none of the little silvery gray squares held the key to my fortune forcing me to continue to work, but I did end up with a fabulous silvery gray colored fingertip for my efforts. Bi+chslap came back in the room about the time I discovered the news that my poverty would continue and she asked if I had won anything. I told her that no monetary gain was acquired but since I happened to realize that I had not put on any eyeshadow this morning, I believed that I HAD won some beautiful silvery gray eyeshadow - and I wiped my finger tip across my eyelids!

So if I catch some rare tropical lottery disease or contract pinkeye (or grayeye) - THAT's why!

So, just how old is the WTP you ask? I am 41-derful years old today. The way I look at it, I'm moving into the middle third of my life (cuz you know that my plan is to live to be 119 and then die in a freak roller derby incident). Therefore, I don't feel old at all, barely middle-aged. I told MyPoolBoy that I planned to have his head freeze-dried and kept alive in one of those big ol' pickle jars so I can carry it around and still talk to him and drive him insane after his body dies...and he would have no legs to be able to walk out of the room to ignore me!

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