Saturday, January 24, 2009

Freakin Hilarious

One of my friends just sent me a message that said she was reading my blog after an 18-pack and thought that it was "freakin hilarious"

Here are some other things that I deem to be freakin hilarious after an 18 pack:

*The back of a box of HoHo's ("ha ha it says HO")
*your best friend falling down on Main Street in front of the police station
*World hunger
*ramen noodles
*songs on the jukebox
*songs you WISH were on the jukebox and decided to sing out loud for everyone else to enjoy
*going to the men's room
*ugly guys
*ugly girls
*BagLady's straw trick
*ordering water at the bar
*watching your best friend drink water thinking it was beer
*smacking down stupid young chickie-poos on Fashion Wars on Facebook
*toilet papering your bosses' houses
*local lettuce
*propositioning your husband in front of your children to scar them for life
*The Wall Street Journal

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