Friday, January 09, 2009


Today Felix gives me and Baloney an update on the latest math findings from some meeting that she had to go to. She told us that they have put "minuend" and "subtrahend" on the 2nd grade math vocab list according to the CRAP-SCOPE curriculum and that those terms do not appear in the 3rd grade list. I asked her if those terms ever came up in her math-major college course-work.

Of COURSE NOT - not much - but she responded that maybe they thought that just because you didn't regularly use a term didn't mean you shouldn't let the kids be exposed to it.

I said well, so top number and bottom number won't do anymore?

She said, yeah, something like that, she guessed.

I told her bullshi+ because why say "penis" when "d1ck" expresses the exact same meaning?

And "entomophagous" is a word - you just don't go around using it in everyday conversation.

Edited to add: ok - good Lord! It means you eat insects.

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