Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night

I am at DrunkenFelix's house with BagLady and SubFriend

Behavior is at an all-time low.

I have: cussed out the killer-ear-eating-dog, devised a plan to get a red dildo for Baloney for her 50th birthday, made fun of some Jay Leno story about some guy having oral sex with a raccoon (I don't know what happened- I think I have rabies, but the guy was wearing a mask!), accidentally locked myself in the bathroom, told DrunkenFelix to slow down her talking because I was A-effing-D-effing-D, and when I tried to open my box of wine SubFriend discovered that there was a bag inside and she told me that if I got a big long straw it would be like a Capri Sun for me, and we have decided to upgrade BagLady to BoneBagger - don't ask.

Ok, now BagLady/BoneBagger wants me to call her LittleBushDeer

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