Thursday, July 02, 2009

See What I Put Up With?

MyPoolBoy was in fine form last night as he threatened to make me "accidentally" die by spontaneous human combustion. Here's his plan: He will fart under the blankets and instead of the usual holding me under until I kick him unmercifully and he has to relent -- he has devised a plan by which he will make sure the methane is contained under the blankets, then light a match and throw it under -- WHOOOSH!

Soooooo....This morning we're sitting in the bakery (cuz summer school is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he notes that the place is empty. Duh. We're usually here on Saturday and its packed. ANYWAY.... after that observation I chimed in that he could run through the front tables naked and no one would care (unless, of course someone from the street saw him through the plate glass window). He proceeds to undo his fly on his pants. WTF? I told him that if he gets arrested for indecency I would NOT bail him out of jail because I am saving all my money for my trip to the coast and he would just have to wait until I got back.

I need a leash for him. And probably a rolled up newspaper.

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