Sunday, July 12, 2009

Starbucks Racket

Crap! Starbucks is a noisy place -- I keep hearing the cappuccino machine or bean grinder or air compresser/chain saw combination or whatever the h3ll it is that is making all that racket. Plus the baristas screaming out everyone's order when it is done. Lynn, for cripes sake pick up your effing grande skinny vanilla latte already!

Then the guys next to me are talking about their "motorcycles" and HAND TO GAWD one of them just had to explain what a Goldwing was to the other one. Yeah, these guys are hard-core. I cower in fear.

Fear that MyPoolBoy is going to snap and go postal before I finish my coffee. This is not his kind of place AT ALL. He has the only truck in the parking lot and not a single other soul in the place is wearing boots.

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