Friday, July 31, 2009

oh. My. Gawd. IT's. DIP!

So. MyPoolBoy has decided that I deserve a break and we are out of town and going to stay at a little bed & breakfast (it is SOOOO CUTE!) and spend the weekend antique shopping and getting a massage/facial tomorrow. Anyhoooooo, he took me to eat at a Mexican food place that Thunderduck just raved and raved about and swore was great.

So we're sitting there and out comes the chips and salsa and The Dip. We THINK The Dip was guacamole. All I can say is that this was the most Dr. Seuss-a$$ looking dip that I have ever been presented with. Bright. Mint. Green.

The following picture was taken with a camera phone in the low lighting of the restaurant and does not come anywhere close to re-creating the exact hue of what was set before me. Jack with your monitor settings for about 20 minutes and remove all the red hue from your screen. The result will be somewhat close to the 1950's travel trailer turquoise tint in the bowl. The lady's purse in the top left corner of the picture is closer to the real thing.

Oh wait! Let me also interject that the margaritas tasted like the Daquiri Ice sherbet at Baskin Robbins, so it really wasn't like I was drinking at all!

So, MyPoolBoy asks the poor little waiter guy what it is -- and PoorLittleWaiterGuy proceeds to recite the ingredients to us: avacodoes, sour cream, cilantro... and then -- because PoorLittleWaiterGuy failed to realize that when I ordered my margarita, I required a child's plate margarita so my mouth wouldn't go into high gear -- -- I then added (with a rather loud blurt) "...and EASTER EGG DYE!"

MyPoolBoy was a tad bit mortified.
I was laughing uncontrollably.
The usual.

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