Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Hear You Knockin'

Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door. Outside of Lurch (who just talks in circles and confuses the crap out of everyone anyway), MyPoolBoy is hands-down the best religion-repellent that I know. He opened the door, they introduced themselves and asked his name, and then they started their spiel. MyPoolBoy interrupted word #3 or 4 by saying "No Thank You" and so they asked him if he knew anyone else they could go talk to. WTF????? The Jehovah's Witnesses are working off of referrals now? Is it some sort of pyramid scheme? I guess they figure that despite the pulpit bar in the back yard, anyone who knows us definitely could use some saving. Do we get some sort of dove-tail afterlife commission for this referral? Anyway, he said no and they started talking again, and he just shut the door in their face. So they left. He was headed back to the door to give them each a free kitten, but it was too late.

They would have been Jehovah's KITnesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I ran across THIS: A two-headed kitten (can't call it a Siamese kitten because he is black and white). But good heavenly days they named him Two-Face. wow. That must've taken you all night wrackin' yer brains to come up with that one. How'd you get so all-fired clever?

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