Sunday, June 27, 2010

A New All-Time Low

DonnyCat is usually disgusting - I've mentioned that here before... his white fur doesn't really look white, he rarely bathes, usually has sticker-burrs matted in his fur, bleeding scabs from lord knows what kind of other words: He's unpettable, unless you just sort of scratch him on the back with a stick or a screwdriver or whatever object you have handy because you don't want to touch him with your bare hands!

This morning he showed up with cobwebs in his ears - WTF?


Crazy Brunette said...

Awww shit bitch... Maybe you should put the thing out of his misery!

God knows what kind of crazy shit he's tracking in the house!!!

Her Royal Highness, Princess White Trash of Mullet County said...

He can't be tracking in anything worse than the kids do.

Crazy Brunette said...

HAHAHA! Probably true. My 3 year old GIRL pisses in the yard.