Sunday, February 08, 2009


We made it through the big 5-0 blow-out party for Baloney, complete with a huge red velvet penis cake. (Don't mess with us, we will get you back with illicitly-shaped baked goods...You thought the Uterus Cake was bad?) We sliced it with a meat cleaver.

Some of the non-regular staff and faculty came, a tribute to what a true matriarch that Baloney is to our campus. She rates. One of the gals requested that although they would never be able to aspire to the position of Lucille, and there was a healthy respect for that, she DID want to be dubbed as an "Ethel" Ok, Ethel, Wish Granted. Please note that you will now be fair game for me to mention in my Blog and if you ever do anything embarrassing in front of me, then your name will be changed from Ethel to whatever embarrassing nickname I drunkenly decide to use in reference to you hereafter.

AND there was beer pong. AND one of the Ethels crawled on top of the beer pong table. AND...

We had a bonding adventure. All I'm gonna say is at least we didn't toilet paper anyone's house this time.

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