Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get Down

Last night we were on the deck of our local hangout and PreFriend came up to have a beer with us. DrunkenFelix had called her to come check out some guy that we, as true friends, were going to "help" her pick up. On my way to the men's room, I opened the conversation with a comment on the smell of the candle burning inside the bar... it smelled like syrup. He said it reminded him of a Denny's and I retorted that it was more like a Waffle House. PreFriend was not entirely impressed - she said he looked too preppy for her. Then Felix reminded her that the guy she had given her phone number to on the night she fell on Main Street was at the table across from us. PreFriend was unconvinced. She said I don' know what you thought you saw that night, but NO. I proceeded to lay on the deck and tell her that from THAT angle (flat on your @ss with beer goggles) he looked perfectly datable!

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