Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentine's Day - you people! I've done this twice now....

Actually, this year I do have a std comment:

Mono - the herpes of the middle school set.

So, I woke up in fine form this morning, and sans vodka, I have been rather mouthy and HILARIOUS to ME -- MyPoolBoy does not appreciate my random tidbits of humor as much as I do. Told Lurch he should keep a tally chart in the back of the bakery to see how many of the last minute purchases are made by men vs. women. Also referred to the "Ethels" of the "Lucille" posse as "underlings." (MyPoolBoy DID laugh at that one)

Here's what caused the biggest eyeroll of the morning:

It hit me that this song has a bit of a pedophilic aura about it, simply because of the way that Conway Twitty's voice sounds so old-mannish to me and his alcoholic psuedo-Elvis slur to his words is reminiscent of some old octogenarian who has left his dentures on the nightstand back at the home. If Conway was comin' at ya with the DT's it would almost look like he was palsied.

"Come here darlin, let me kiss you..." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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