Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Cannot Believe What I Just Effin' Heard

I am at the bakery having my ritual Saturday a.m. breakfast and Lurch is at the counter waiting on this non-blonde blonde.

HAND TO GOD she just asked if they have any Rice Kripsie Treats. WTF?????????? Peroxide Poisoning.

Chick. Did you miss the part in the commercial where the lady PUT the flour on her face? It was all a big Hollywood smoke and mirrors trick. You know, like special effects and shi+. You really can make your own Rice Krispie treats at home with minimal effort.

So. I am dying laughing and MyPoolBoy is unsuccessfully trying desperately to keep me contained. I at least waited until she went into the restroom before I busted out in uncontrollable fits of snorting. That, I think is demonstrative of remarkable restraint.

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