Friday, February 27, 2009

Wagons Ho!

I got a desperately needed laugh today courtesy of the students. I had them on the computers on a pioneer webquest site that helped them know how much all their stuff that they were packing in their wagons would weigh. The goal was to keep it all under 2000 pounds. About 15 minutes in, one of the groups realized that they should have been scrolling down to find some of the other supplies like tools and first aid kits. One group read it out loud and they overheard it... and then started:

"First aid kit? Where's the first aid kit? Scroll down! Scroll down!"
"There it is!"
"Awwww, man! It weighs three pounds - we already have our wagon full."
"So take something off..."

"Get rid of the Bible!"

So later on they dump some more stuff and one of the kids wants to put the Bible back on the list for the wagon, and THIS conversation happened:

"We don't NEED the Bible - what do you think they needed a Bible for?"
"In case they got bored on the trail, this would give them something to do..."

"Oh yeah, like they couldn't just pray if they needed to (and here she put her hand on her hip and started the neck rolling business) - 'Please God help us survive our trip to Oregon.'"

I'm figuring this might be how the Mormons ended up with different Bibles than the rest of us...somebody chucked theirs off their wagons on the way to Utah and they had to start over writing it when they got there!

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