Thursday, January 21, 2010

Duckit Loves Me

Well, there have been a few "incidents" involving staff members at various campuses in PeytonPlace ISD lately that have made our little hometown newspapers' front pages.  So, today the superintendent came and wanted to speak to us about protecting our reputations when we are out and about town, and, although we should have a personal life and protect our personal time as important, we need to remember that we never stop being a school employee since we are in a small town. 

After the meeting, Duckit and I were in our hall outside our classroom doors talking to a few folks and Duckit expressed her dismay at the message that was delivered at the meeting.  She basically said that she felt a little upset that it was directed at the whole faculty -- if he had a problem with her partner's behavior he should go to me directly and straighten it out with me!!!!!!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! She kills me.

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