Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take 5

Remember how the Grand Marshal told us we needed to give 101%???  Today it was posted in the gym -- a big cut-out red 101% on the wall.  Then, right during the moment of silence (after one of the fifth graders farted and I told him he was supposed to be silent and we got the giggles...) it hit me.  101% is not possible in a base 10 mathematical system.  That 's a given.  Why is it bothering me so much????  

It's BINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG we only have to give like FIVE PERCENT. 

And, incidentally, I pi$$ed off one of my students today, and he told the Grand Marshal what he thought of me.  I have evolved (or devolved) from Big Fat Meenie.  So GrandMarshal came into tutoring today and whispered to me in my ear that now, I am the Devil. 

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