Saturday, January 23, 2010

Laughter is Never in Short Supply

To add to the neverending aggravation that is being imposed upon us by the GrandMarshal, we are having to sign out for our classroom supplies at school now.  So if I need a red pen to grade papers with I have to write down the kind of pens I am taking from the cabinet and record the quantity on a little form on the counter.  Duckit was looking for large paperclips but there weren't any, so she took one of practically everything else and then added the note "who took all the large paper clips?"  Felix went behind her and got some stuff and added the note "I did" below Duckit's note.  I followed and accidentally wrote the quantity on the wrong box so the note "clearly you didn't read and/or follow directions as usual" was added to my entry.  Then Hyphen took "1 single solitary rubber band."  We fell the h3ll out laughing.

Later, Duckit noted that someone had written "tape (scotch)" - I wanted to write "tape (vodka)" but she is trying to keep me out of too much trouble so that dream was squashed. 

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