Friday, January 15, 2010

Today I Am a Big Fat Meanie

It was put in writing.  By one of my little darlings.  On a TAKS test practice sheet no less.  Actually it was spelled "meenie" and it was underneath the words "I Hate Ms. WhiteTrashPrincess"  and he had spelled my last name incorrectly, too.  One of the things he was in trouble for today was not paying attention.  Guess if he ever DID pay attention he would've spelled stuff correctly and I wouldn't look like the world's suckiest language arts teacher.  Anyway, I called him into the hall to discuss it with him and he starts denying that he wrote it!  Except that he said "I didn't wrote it!"  When Duckit tried to correct his grammar by saying "You mean you didn't WRITE it,"  he retorted - "I swear, I didn't wrote it!"

Learning. Nothing.

There goes my teacher of the month nomination.

Anyway, the vehement denials continued until I was near tears with laughter.  He accused the kid in front of him of writing it on there while he was taking a bathroom break.  Since 4 of the boys (including him and the kid he accused) sit in a traditional row seating pattern down the middle of the room, and they have cardboard study carrels around their tests, AND I was walking around the room "actively monitoring" the TAKS practice, it is impossible for it to have gone down the way he claimed.

 I want to put the letters B.F.M. at the end of my name like M.D. or something.

On the bright side, however.... today was the last day of TWO - yes TWO - of the big trouble-making discipline problem refuse to follow directions and don't want to be at school and I'm gonna make everyone else miserable while I'm at it kind of kids.

Somewhere in the world there are 2 other teachers who are about to become Big Fat Meenies also.

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