Tuesday, February 01, 2005


OMG it is FREEZING and drizzly -- totally gross weather!

Got some more website stuff caught up last night and this morning. I even did a round of minor chores this morning (no sweeping/mopping/etc.) and had boys to school in time for weight-lifting and zero hour, etc.

School was ok...I'm a little behind where I want to be for writing and on the basal reader story that we are doing, but I'm ok on grading and have a little bit of paperwork that I can manage to do in the morning in about 30 minutes time or so. After-school tutoring was aggravating though because I had two little darlings who were playing and talking. I reamed 'em out and sent a letter home to be signed and returned. I also talked to the principal and I am going to send them to the office first thing in the morning. It's like I said the other day...I have some who WILL NOT pass TAKS -- it has nothing to do with ability...they must really like being in this grade enough to stay another year. I really don't think they believe that they will fail if they don't pass it.

I need to wash my face and put on moisturizer - the boys (Lurch and Chunk) are fixin' to bathe the little dogs...this is gonna be hilarious! Thunderduck and TrainWreck are at a soccer game -- it was just too darn cold and rainy today for me to want to drag my exhausted self out of town to go watch.

OK...gonna work on website stuff for a while...

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