Monday, February 07, 2005

Down by 1

Well, really 2...but I'm being cautious...I've been so up and down I'm calling it at 157 (even though at one point today it was 155.5!)

I wore my black jeans and little boot shoes and that denim jacket/blouse with black piping trim today.

I had a tiring day. Everything got done for lesson planning, etc. but right off the bat this morning I got a phone call from an irate mom that was upset because Felix and I are making her angel do here homework at recess, and are writing her up for unreasonable reasons, excuse me? This child is not telling the exact truth to mom about why she is getting in trouble in the first place. It may be unreasonable to write-up a child for bringing too many blankets to the read-in. It is NOT unreasonable to write her up for shoving another child out of his chair -- oh, whoops, Mom...she forgot to tell you THAT part. So, I didn't get the copies done that I wanted and had to scramble to get what I needed to get by on before 7:45.

Day went ok, most of the work got done...12 more school days (11 after today) until the test. THEN I found out that I had to go to a dad-gum ESL testing meeting. Now, what aggravates me is that I am not ESL certified...I do not WANT to be ESL certified ON PURPOSE. They gave me ESL/LEP/BIL kids anyway (whatever their label is this year -- the state changes it so much!). The parents have denied services so they are getting NO HELP FROM ESL -- only what I can do in the classroom and whatever tutoring and pull-out stuff I can get them -- yet I am still ultimately responsible for their TAKS scores. Oh, no, let's not hold the PARENTS WHO DENIED SERVICES RESPONSIBLE AT ALL! SO I go to this training/meeting this afternoon and find out that I have to submit 3-5 writing samples before March 14 -- ummmm, ok, that's 5 weeks... you people are getting THREE. I have a TAKS test to get ready for during THREE of those FIVE weeks, you idiots.

At the end of the day, I got a call from the trainer at the HS -- Lurch cut his shin REALLY bad -- down to the bone...and needed stitches. Well, since I had the meeting I called MyPoolBoy and had him go get him and take him to the emergency room. When I got home, I tried to make dinner and relax a minute, folded a little laundry. MyPoolBoy called while I was cooking and proceeds to scream at me about how the emergency room is wanting full payment and he hopes that I wasn't planning on eating or doing anything else for the next front of Lurch, and Lurch came home feeling horribly guilty about getting hurt in the first place. I swear, I get so pissed at that man! He is so unnecessarily negative so much of the time. Here I am fighting depression on a daily basis, always trying to turn the other cheek and keep my spirits up and he spews forth negativity every time he opens his mouth. He can't just phrase stuff in a calm way and punctuate it with "everything will be ok, though." What a jerk. And he wonders why I can't be all hyperly in love with him. He is a large cause of my depression. It is bad enough that he brings me down by lying to me or not telling me about 1/2 of all he says and does, but the half that he DOES tell me he is overreacting or dramatizing something and making me worry as much or more about the unknown.

Well, to console myself and the boys from his blow-up I baked a few dozen cookies...there goes my 1 (or 2) pounds, probably. DANGIT!

Now I have a headache. I'm going to go to bed and try to work in the morning.

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