Friday, February 18, 2005

Who can you trust with a busload of teenage boys?

Me, apparently.
One of the JV soccer boys got hurt in the game right before Thunderduck and Moondoggie's game (they're both on varsity now). He was hurt badly enough that they had to have EMS take him to the hospital for x-rays. SOOOO the JV coach ended up having to go with him in the ambulance to the hospital. He was searching the stands for a district employee to ride back on the bus with the boys and take them to dinner. There were 3 possibilities...I think because I have so many teenage boys of my own, I was the most logical choice. It actually wasn't too bad. When I went down to the sidelines to get the tax form and $ for dinner about 5 of the boys started jumping up and down and shouting -- they were all kids I had taught and they were way excited. After some joking about "let's go to Hooter's for dinner", we finally found DQ open and ate there. Let me tell you -- if you ever need to eat in Wimberly Texas on a Friday night after 8pm you are SOL! It was DQ or Pizza Hut -- I'm not lying -- EVERYTHING ELSE WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a small town! I also ended up being a major hero because there were 3 girls in DQ that a bunch of the boys kept ogling -- I helped the boys get their phone #s.


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