Saturday, February 05, 2005


It's so frustrating to need to take care of myself and have chaos at school keeping me exhausted and without enough time to do it.

Only 12 more school days until the damn test is over and I can have about 75% of my life back. I fully expect 1/4 of my kids to not pass the test. They are THAT apathetic...what was encouraging on Friday, though, was that I whored myself out and bribed them with homework passes to do all their strategies on a Kamico quiz...I had one class with almost all 100's and the low class had over half of them 100s. The other 3 teachers on my grade level were all "see, we told you they could do it" but it just really crossed a line for me...I've NEVER had to bribe kids to try. The other teachers don't understand how frustrating it is at the upper grade level to get these kids that EXPECT a reward for doing what they are supposed to be doing was so tough to get them from the lower grade level and have to teach them that they weren't going to get a prize for doing something they are supposed to be doing anyway. We are even going so far as to order TOYS for them for TAKS day. I'm just FLABBERGASTED. I'm not gonna fight it this year, but I will probably mention it before we start things next year. Just to let them know what a struggle it creates for the grade level above us. I'm hopeful that we will get them from the grade below us a little more prepared this year, etc. Alright, that rant's over.

Chunk is at a birthday party at the mini-golf place right now. TrainWreck just went over to a friend's house to play video games. Lurch is at a weightlifting meet. Thunderduck MIGHT be fixin to go to a friend's house to spend the night. MyPoolBoy and I might actually have a little time to talk just by ourselves since it's our anniversary and we are A) going nowhere B) doing nothing and C) still uncomfortable around each other because of MyPoolBoy's latest fiasco.

I've been working on the website a lot the last 2 days, and I've managed to move some of the clipart CD that I have into folders on the website. I'm wanting to replace as much of the graphics as I can with that CD's graphics exclusively (streamlining my folders on the site). Also took a nap today to catch up on the rest that I'm not getting every morning by getting up at 4 am. Speaking of...I did some housecleaning today, too, so I feel a little less guilty about THAT.

The bunny is out hopping around and just came to see me. He's such a sweet little rabbit.

Ok. I'm outta here for now.

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