Sunday, February 06, 2005


Tried to post this yesterday. I absolutely have to start remembering to save a copy/draft before I try to publish because it is totally erasing everything I type when I hit the publish button. My uploading has been slow on the website, too.

I did a lot of graphics switching around on the website the past few days. I'm trying to get as many of the graphics as possible from one CD to simplify things. So I actually have been able to delete a couple of folders. I'm also making some more custom cursors so that I can get rid of the Comet Cursors on all the pages. I probably need to update my school site too. I want to get the Learning Links sections saved as html on my little clippy disk so that I can use them again next year by just pasting the code into the page.

Yesterday, was relatively quiet for our anniversary, but we didn't go anywhere or even sit together and watch TV. Lurch was at a powerlifting meet, l had a basketball game and a birthday party, TrainWreck went to a friend's house, and Thunderduck went to spend the night at a friend's house. Ample opportunity to spend a few minutes together, but I think MyPoolBoy is still uncomfortable with me because of all the crap that's happened.

YUM! I'm having a cup of homemade cappuccino and Bailey's while I type. So I should be pretty relaxed in a few minutes LOL!

As far as school goes...good cow! I still think that I have about 7 or 8 kids that might not pull through because of apathy. I finally broke down and bribed them with homework passes on our last Kamico quiz and they did fabulous. All the other third grade teachers were saying "we told you they'd come around" and "just wait until the real test when we offer the toys and rewards". But I now have whored myself out for test results -- which I have NEVER done. I've always been able to get the kids to do it for themselves or, at the very least, to do it for me...never for toys and homework passes. I think when this year is over I will mention to them how hard it is for the fourth grade teachers to get these kids to do work when there's not a reward at stake. I really think we are sending them the wrong message...and the upper grades have to deal with this ploy of giving them toys for makes it tough for the fourth grade teachers. Hopefully, though, the second grade teachers are going to send us kids that are much more ready for the third grade to begin with and it will be easier.

Stuff I want to do today (don't laugh)
Finish cleaning house and do some laundry
Put up Christmas decorations (I told you, don't laugh!)
Do lesson plans and grade a few sets of papers
Go over budget and bills with MyPoolBoy
Update the school website
Do some more graphics updating on our website

I think I'll make a Top Ten list and break it down by hour -- starting in about 30 minutes so I can finish my coffee!

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