Friday, February 09, 2007

Hard Up

Here it is Friday night.
I am taking cold medicine out of MEDICAL NEED - which takes all the fun out of THAT.

MyPoolBoy tried to call Felix to babysit me at RBar but no go cuz her PoolBoy/ManSlave is coming back into town tonight. Well, MyPoolBoy is in the pressbox at the stadium running the clock and scoreboard for the girls' soccer team. Lurch is at his soccer game out of town and it was deemed that I was too sick to sit out in the cold to watch either one. So here I am - Chunk is in the other room having complete fits of euphoria over the mushroom pizza that Domino's delivered-letting the Weasel out the front door and halfway down the street- necessitating his running down the road after her like a fool in flipflops.

BUT we got the Weasel back inside and snapped a few photos of her impressions of other dog breeds. It is our never-ending quest to figure out what the h3ll kind of dog she really is! Fun at parties! Call your friends to join in! Here is the home version of the game:

Voila! Weasel as a Doberman:

And here is Weasel as a Bassett Hound:

Weasel also impersonates Corgis:

Is Weasel a Sharpei?

Look out! Weasel has RABIES!

You can go ahead and weep, shedding a few tears for my utterly sad pathetic existence of a Friday night. Chock full 'o fun, huh?

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