Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Size 8 & Wasted

I am wearing my size 8 tan LizWear pants! Not tight (a little snug - but not tight)
I felt pretty good this a.m. after I worked out. (It would be nice if I could lose that other pound and a half by Saturday!)
BTW - I worked out.

AND I have decided that part of my downer days while I was sick was that my mp3 player had no battery and I was going into Rick Withdrawal.
I've had it on since I worked out - while I did my hair, etc. My mood and energy is definitely better than it was when I first woke up. I have been jamming to "Wasted" over and over and over since about 6:15. One good thing about this song is that you can type it all with one hand leaving the other hand free for drinking your coffee - if it was not a morning before school there would sure as shootin' be Bailey's in the coffee!

The next 3-4 days are gonna suck. I have TAKS training today and soccer games tonight. Then tomorrow is the Valentine's Party and Thursday is an ARD and faculty meeting. Friday is soccer. LAWRD.

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