Sunday, June 17, 2007

I remember going to HEB....

MyPoolBoy informs me that after we went to go see Corporal Punishment last night I got out of the truck and complained loudly about having to walk on the tree leaf-y things that had fallen on the sidewalk during the rainstorm. I do NOT remember it.

I DO remember: That I wore a size 8 (EIGHT!) skirt last night without a girdle, duct tape, or starvation. (shameless brag)

I also remember that Felix and I sang some dirty lyrics to Love Potion No. 9
"I told her that I was flocked with chicks
You be the 9, and I'll be the 6"

Bi+chslap and one of the 4th grade teachers was there, also, so we got pretty loud and rowdy.

I remember that I got all the women in the place to get up and dance the twist with me.

I remember going to HEB and buying WhiteCastle burgers to cure our drunken cravings.

But that's it....

Oh --Hi to my latest reader that left a comment on the Fashion post - I put up the picture of denim-shorts-girl that MyPoolBoy took with his phone for ya.

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