Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Plan

Felix and I have decided that we are going to kidnap BagLady's old decrepit excuse for a dog and enter it in the Ugliest Dog contest on the Saturday after July 4th! I told Felix it was only $5 entry fee and the winner gets a free stay at the Marriott. We'll win. Paco is UGLY!!!!!! BagLady will probably kick our a$$es though!!!!!

Also - I must mention the fact that I bought Felix a Grease DVD for Christmas last year. SHe is over 40 and has NEVER seen it all the way through! I think I've also reference the fact that this makes her some sort of cultural retard by American standards. However, we are planning to take it to the coast with us and watch it there. She is saving it for us... like a virgin on her wedding night! I am so honored that she wants her first time to be with us!

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