Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Lament

I have fully come to the realization that tomorrow is June 15. Rick Springfield will be in concert in Shreveport. I am not getting to go. I am completely bummed. MyPoolBoy will have to do some major sucking up and pampering to make me feel even a little better. For starters, he WILL be my ReplacementRick, carrying a guitar around and letting me rip his shirt off at whatever point during the evening that I deem it necessary.

I anticipate that there will be a ceremonial killing-off of the big-a$$ bottle of wine that is sitting unfinished (for now) in the fridge. I also plan to wear my "Jesse's Girl" tank top and play my ShockDenialAngerAcceptance CD until it melts from overuse. Then I'll probably have to watch every concert clip that is posted on YouTube just to make myself feel worse.

ReplacementRick (MPB) will probably get lucky though.

Hopefully I can talk Felix into drinking with me. I need a support group.

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