Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Musings on Fashion

The fateful day at Universal Studios during our vacation to Florida brought out some cause for text-messaging to Felix. We (MyPoolBoy and I) also felt it necesary at a certain point to begin sending photos from the camera phone to her as well. I swear every fat person (F A T - not just overweight - OBESE) in America had to have gone to FLorida that day - and they must have all been auditioning for "What Not to Wear" One of the pictures we sent was of a big ol' girl with denim shorts - they were just too small enough that the hemline of them folded under on themseves into one of the rolls of fat at her butt/thigh line. I cannot make this up!

The winner: big boy had his pants unbuttoned and UNZIPPED under his t-shirt ala post-Thanksgiving dinner style. I noticed this only because I happened to be looking his way when he thought no one was looking...right as he was adjusting the t-shirt to camouflage the non-fastened status of his britches.

Oh - and today I decided that I want to be the kind of old woman that dresses like Porter Wagoner in drag with enough sequins and rhinestones and hairspray to cover 2 televangelists!

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Rohayu D said...

heaps funny!
photos would have been hideous looking lol