Monday, June 25, 2007

It's All Very Scientific....

I am one of the few fortunate folks that doesn't get hangovers, no matter how drunk, sick, unconcious, or any combination of the three that I become during a given evening. However, MyPoolBoy and I were discussing that certain evenings I tend to have different reactions to whatever I drink. We have to find out why! So, to solve this dilemma, here's is what I propose for scientific discovery this summer. I have to drink only ONE type of alcohol per night to the point of inebriation (beer, margaritas/tequila, vodka/martinis, rum mixed drinks, wine, and possibly wine coolers or Zimas) -- BECAUSE I need to find out which one:

A) gets me drunk fastest (and figure the cost per ounce vs. others)
B) makes me hyper & dance-y (I like this - MyPoolBoy does not)
C) makes me mellow (wine, I think, good for hanging out on the patio by the chimenea)
D) makes me pass out (not good)
E) makes me sleepy (not good if it is early in the evening)
F) cleans out my colon (we were thinking it was tequila - now I'm wondering if it's beer!)
G) makes me sing (liquid courage)
H) results in UPW's (since I still don't have one that has been unidentifiable)
I) makes me holler and cuss like Tarnnia's granny (best option)

There will probably have to be charts and graphs so that I can clearly show that I am doing this in the name of science and not just as a random and gratiutous excuse to drink myself into an oblivious stupor for a solid week. (Though that is a bonus side-effect!)

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