Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What I Got at Epcot

This ALMOST qualifies as a UPW, but I since know how it happened, I guess I will have to continue in my quest to acquire one legitimately!

After a couple of days of my mother driving us crazy - which we finally found attributable to the fact that she was remembering how her previous trip to Florida was when she took Thunderduck, Trainwreck, and Lurch 10 years ago. (She was wanting to do the exact same things at the same places with my nephews, Thing1 and Thing2, and Chunk.) Anyhoo - we got to the point at Epcot when I figured it out and told ShallowHal and his wife. MonsterInLaw was with us, too. We schemed to ¨allow¨ her to take the kids back to the condo and take them swimming about mid-day (cuz that´s what they did LAST time!) and we finished going to the World Showcase without them. This ended up being very relaxing because A) we were not having to wait for ShallowHal´s oldest, Thing1, to do all the pin trading that eventually made MyPoolBoy almost insane and B) they sell likker at Epcot. This should be highlighted on tourist information. Why was I not told this sooner?

SOOOOOO We went to the UK section of Epcot and MonsterInLaw treated me to a 1/2 yard of ale. I am not sure how many fluid ounces a 1/2 yard of ale is, but rest assured it was enough to make me happy. So by the time we were in Norway, ShallowHal begins pointing out pseudo-naughty interpretations of the signs on the shops as we were going into the line for one of the rides - do you think I remember what the ride was called? - h3ll people, you´re lucky I remember I was in Norway! Anyway, as I was looking at the signs, I ran smack into one of the poles that comes out of the ground where they hang the ropes to separate the lines of people - and it did not hurt! The next afternoon though, I had a huge-a$$ bruise on my abdomen and knee on the left side - precisely where the impact with the pole had occurred, so I therefore concluded that it probably DID hurt, I was just too drunk to know it at the time!

When I called and told Felix about it, her concerns were simple: Was I sober? (of course not) and Did someone take a picture of it? (sicko)

I am so thrilled that she can find entertainment in my misfortune.

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