Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holding My Own

We're leaving Texas to get to Thunderduck's graduation from MP training.  Let me just tell you this: when you get into a vehicle that MyPoolBoy is driving, be prepared to remain in that vehicle until it runs out of gas or the world ends, whichever comes first, because his road trip philosophy is pretty much "we'renotpullingoverforanythingyoucanjustholdit." 

So. While trapped in the truck and being forced to listen to country music until my ears were bleeding, I saw a big gigantic plastic Yogi Bear statue.  And he tortured me further because he wouldn't let me stop to take a picture.  Also my request for him to pull off the highway so I could take a picture of the sign that said Felix Drive was pretty much ignored.  The only photographic evidence I have that the Texas leg of the journey even happened is this photo:

Yeah. They got beer. 

I got Twizzlers and a pee break in Hico, Texas. 

wow.  Cross that off my bucket list.  

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