Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Sure Sign That the Romance Has Dwindled

There comes a point when you realize that you've been married long enough.  The sizzle turns to fizzle.  The spark goes dark.  The hot is not.
I just never thought I would have to realize that point in the checkout line of Walmart. 

I impulse-bought a new tank top on sale and it is all padded-bra-push-upish like a bustier and makes me really look like I have cleavage.  So I'm bee-bopping along thinking of how this newly acquired article of fashion will show off my tan.  As we were in the check out line, MyPoolBoy got his first real good look at it,  and paused for a moment.  Aha!  I thought. Either the Oreos or my tank top got his attention.  Oh, it was the tank top, all right.  And instead of commenting how sexy it was or how he would love to see me try it on he said...

You know that's against dress code, don't you?

That thud you heard was the sound of me beating my head against the conveyer belt.

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