Sunday, September 16, 2007

Book 'Em Horns & Starbucks

bwahahahahaha! Saw that phrase on a news site somewhere talking about the latest 2 UT football players arrested (for possession of marijuana, I think). I guess they're gonna need some tiny little handcuffs for the forefinger and pinky when they hold it up for their' hook'em sign.

At least if the players are incarcerated the State of Texas won't need to buy more orange jumpsuits -- they can just let them use their JERSEYS!!!!!


Made the mistake of venturing south o' the bridge to the new Starbucks since our favorite Java place is closed on Sundays.
Yuppies were spilling out of BMWs and SUVs all over the parking lot, milling about the order counter and reading their non-local newspapers IN LINE! I sheepishly got some pumpkin spice latte and got the h3ll out before I caught whatever it is that makes you vote for a liberal.

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