Monday, September 24, 2007

Latest Discovery and a small rant

Note my new link:
Behind the Counter a blog by a Walmart employee. Yes, Walmart. Lists crap that gets stolen, and stuff that is returned to her store. Refers to children as HOWLER MONKEYS - ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and -
I've endured the Parade O'Tattlers as long as I can stand. I asked my students today if they would like to know why I choose to teach 3rd grade -- after I set the bait I hooked them with "because I don't want to teach Kinder or 1st or 2nd so quit acting like them"
One of them wants to move her desk in class because one of the other girls who doesn't like relish made fun of her at lunch LAST WEEK for putting relish on her hot dog.
why, yes - that was my head exploding, thanks for noticing
Prozac - take me away!

and -
After math today, (when my kids couldn't do a FIRST GRADE problem for the math center I set up) I decided that if I had a gun and a bridge I would jump off the bridge and shoot myself and see which one would kill me first. .. But we're more worried about parking...

don't even get me started

I wish I drove a HUGE-A$$ car, though

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