Sunday, September 30, 2007

Locker Room Talk

Ok, so we are on week 4 of decorating the football locker room for the PetyonPlace Packmules, and another mom and I have more or less been relegated to the signage that is to go in the restroom/urinal area... due to our inability to keep it lady-like. Last week when our poker-themed decor included a hand of 5 suited cards glued to a "Flush the *Rodents*" sign, her "Kick Ace" sign mistakenly got painted to say "Kick A$$" and she joined the ranks of the rank.

This week we are playing a team of felines. She wrote on the TOILET PAPER with a sharpie -- rolled it out about 20 feet each roll and wrote Wipe Out the *Felines* and rolled them back up!
(I think I may have found a new soulmate)

We also got a sign up that says "Packmules Go Hard!" (a saying that some of the boys yell in the huddle) -- We countered the other side of the urinals with one that says "*Felines* Goes Soft" - complete with wrinkly pink letters! Add to the mix the "Send 'em to the litter box" sign, the "Control the Pet Population: Neuter a Cat" sign, and our soon-to-be-infamous "*Felines* are Pu$$ies" sign.

We are probably going to burn in the 7th level of poor role model h3ll for this.

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