Saturday, September 29, 2007

Grudge Match

Weasel (the one in the dog suit) and Old Hateful (Thunderduck's mean old cat) waged 2 battles this morning at THE FOOT OF MY BED BEFORE 6 a.m. thus sealing their love for one another in the classic snarling, growling, spitting, hissing manner mankind knows as "fighting like cats and dogs"

Both are prayerfully lucky to be alive. .. Let me introduce you two dumba$$es to my little friends - thumbs. I have 2. The better to yank each of you up by the scruff of the neck and toss you off the bed and out the door, my dears.

Next match will be a steel-cage match cuz I'll shove their furry aggressive selves into the rabbit hutch and Walk. A. way.

Don't mess with PMS.

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