Saturday, September 01, 2007

All I wanted was some freakin' BBQ

Dear Dumb Bi+ch,

Let me give you some call-in order etiquette lessons - When you phone in your order you need to order EVERYTHING and then wait off to the side of the line while they retrieve your order when you arrive to pick it up. You should pay promptly and get the h3ll out. You DO NOT go in, get in line, forget your cell phone, get the kid in front of you to hold your place in line while you go get your cell phone from the car, get back in line, tell them you are there to pick up your phone in order for B******W*** and that it is 5 half-chickens & a pint of macaroni salad, but then pull out your list of more crap that you decided you wanted to order and tell them that you want the extra 1 1/2 pounds of brisket to be cut extra lean and can you get another pint of macaroni salad (the last one - leaving none for the rest of us) and 6 ears of corn, not to mention that you get on your cell phone while they are scrambling to update your huge-@ss order and whatever moron you have on the other end of the line wants 3 brownies and potato salad so you tack that on for the already frazzled counter staff to try to get for you, too. I am standing right behind you -- the "dirty knife" bucket is mere steps away and they don't serve beer at this establishment anymore so that I can sedate my PMSing self into an alcohol-induced level of pseudo-patience to keep from going to jail over you.

I now know your name -- everyone in the place does because we heard you remind them 1000 times while we waited over 20 minutes for you to get all your order finished -- and if I see you on the street I will probably accidentally run you over 4 or 5 times.

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