Wednesday, June 29, 2005

8 minutes....

I did the ab workout for 8 Minutes in the Morning before I started housework today.. I must say that I actually broke a sweat and felt it! It is supposed to target your lower "gut" abs, so I am going to add it to my morning routine. I also think that my metabolism is getting used to the eating every 3 hours schedule. It seems like I am not CONSTANTLY hungry, but that I tend to get hungry EVERY 3 HOURS! Also, last night we ate dinner at 6 and I stayed up late, so I was hungry again at 9 (had an apple) and then again at midnight (ate a cheese stick and a whole wheat bagel). No JUNK FOOD!!!!!

I'm wearing my new plaid Abercrombie capri pants. They are a size 8 but they're also a spandex/cotton blend, so there is some give to them!

I saw a cool ceiling treatment that I want in the kitchen (and maybe the living/dining room... it is clapboard painted off-white like an old farmhouse. I loved it. I'll have to see what paneling options might be doable for our house.

Ok DRUM ROLL PLEASE - I am back below 160! I am down to 159.5 this morning. Damn it felt good to put that into FitDay this morning! OK I have to go get my morning snack and a bottle of water.

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