Saturday, June 11, 2005

Save the Drama for your Mama

Holy cow, my sister Pepita knows how to get attention.
Last night at the powwow she passed out in the middle of competition (2 years ago she puked), and everyone went rushing over to her and then they carried her off on a chair like the queen of friggin' Sheba. I was the first family member to get over to her -hurdling the drum and running across the damn arena, and yes, I was worried cuz her eyes rolled back in her head and she couldn't maintain consciousness so it was scary...but good lord everyone doted on her after that. Once a princess always a princess. It was wild because I had just turned to tell her husband, NotTheBabysDaddy,that she was the only one who was on step with the drum and that she'd probably win when down she went. He sat there like a bump. My dad is pretty ticked with him because once we got her off the floor and sitting outside the arena NotTheBabysDaddy just left (he's such a loser). ALSO I had to leave and go drop off some stuff for relay for life and MyPoolBoy ended up babysitting/carrying around the baby - didn't sit by his wife and he didn't watch his kid either. No wonder Daddy is mad at him.
Right after that was the men's trad. contest and Thunderduck ended up taking second because my brother - now known as DQ lost his roach pin right at the end of the song and got dq'd. Our friend E was calling them the DQ Twins. Thunderduck said we should have gone and bought them both a Blizzard. :0
Anyway, today is 2step and jr/tiny tot contest. Lurch has to do all 3 dances one right after another - because the committee decided in their infinite wisdom that they would put all the jr dances during the youth powwow on Sat. and so that means Lurch is going to be doing some quick changes!

Got TrainWreck off to the track meet this a.m. so he's not contesting today but he did mention last night that he would LIKE a new ribbon shirt it's just that I'm always griping about having to do one for Thunderduck and so he doesn't care if I make him any or not.

I'm gonnna try to get a little cat nap in (I took 1/2 a Midol because I hurt my knee a few days ago and I have to fancy contest tonight.

Things to fo today:
sew MyPoolBoy's leggings
finish my other fancy shawl shoe and get some socks
get all of Lurch's regalia boxed/ready to go
put all the regalia into bags and boxes and out of the lr/dr
get MyPoolBoy to finish his moccasins
sew TrainWreck a new ribbon shirt
call B and see if Pepita was supposed to have gotten anything for the giveaway for K. MyPoolBoy said he thinks that E and his wife got left out.

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