Monday, June 06, 2005

Late Night

Well, we ended up going to Austin to 6th street with Thunderduck and his girlfriend last night and I totally blew it by eating ice cream at this REALLY yummy place. We found this sign by a lawyer's office that someone had altered and Thunderduck obliged us with an improv of what might have inspired such a sign to be posted. We also visited a toy store and I bought a pair of hot pink cat-eye shades with rhinestones on the corners. They were 9 bucks but I will probably never find another pair like them! Then we wandered around for a couple of hours while MyPoolBoy tried to decide if he should get a tattoo or not (everything was closing down thank goodness!).We didn't get home till almost 2am. MyPoolBoy was really tired getting up this a.m.

Have to go get TrainWreck, Lurch, and Chunk up for summer track here in a few minutes. I think I'm going to go make my coffee first and have my morning fruit - definitely an apple this a.m. I heard it wakes you up better than coffee! I'll just have to burn off the extra carbs later (apples have more carbs than oranges!). OK, I am going to exercise today. DEFINITELY.

Other stuff I need to do today:
iron all ribbon shirts and my dresses
check all straight dance outfits and begin checking traditional outfits
have MyPoolBoy finish all the moccasins
finish fringing the brown shawl
pick up our room
do dishes
pick up computer room
scrapbook 1 page (I think ShallowHal & D's wedding pages need to get finished)
make a couple of pages for the Mexico cruise stuff and put them in Yahoo briefcase
go to school and finish cleaning my desk (I'm gonna get MyPoolBoy to go with me to do this)
burn photos on my hard drive to a cd (I have so many -- it is getting full and scary!)

I know there's more but good lord that is intimidating enough.


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