Thursday, June 22, 2006

Champagne taste on a Bud Light budget

The SPQs are supposed to "BE PARTICULAR." I have kinda decided that between FlyLady and my own experience of being a female outnumbered by males all my life that I have not only earned this right, but have also honed it to an art. I have enough patience or foresight or whatever to know what I want and be willing to wait for EXACTLY that or at least a reasonable substitute. (Unlike SOME husband that I know!) I.E., my bedspread. A few years ago, I found a bedspread that I just adored: a big ole Texas flag -- unfortunately it was a little out of our price range. SO that brings me to my other point -- my personal motto is "never pay retail." MyPoolBoy kept wanting to buy it and I was determined to wait it out and see if it went on sale or at least wait until we could better afford it. Well, it never went on sale - in fact all that line of bedspreads just disappeared from the shelves one day. One day, meaning well, I'm sure, MyPoolBoy found a spread that had Texas flags all over it - kinda cheesey patchwork printed - and it was made of T-shirt cotton material. Bless his heart, I know he meant well but it was not what I WANTED. (that's all that really matters, right?) Fast forward 1 or 2 years and the same store has a revival of the bedspreads! This time they were on sale and they had ONE left that fit our bed! MyPoolBoy was with me and I lingered and lingered by them until he KNEW what I was thinking... I couldn't pass up getting exactly what I wanted because at this point I was planning on buying material and making the darn flag myself - cuz the spread MyPoolBoy bought was U.G.L.Y.

Of course, this side of me does have its drawbacks: it is one reason why my house is not finished -- the other reason being that MyPoolBoy will not DO ANYTHING to help!

Track meet today - had to take the kids to get on the bus at 5 AM. Gotta go pack lunch and ice chests!

Emergency dieting starts today - this is the code blue of all-time weigh-ins.
Heaven help me.

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kathi said...

I'm the exact same way, waited for something I've really wanted for too long and then it's just off the shelf. Well, hell...I always regret waiting.